Egyptian Holidays 2020

Hello dear reader! And here I am writing the following post after a long break. Well, I still have a lot to write about, but I could not get around to it. However, I thought I should definitely share our Egyptian travel experience with you guys (I am sort of forcing myself now), because the amazingness of the place is worth writing abput! I also hope my honest review about the trip in general would be helpful for those seeking interesting holiday destinations outside Europe.

We had been planning our winter holiday since last summer, but did not know exactly where it would be best to travel. I had a few options in my mind and they were within Europe only. With the New Year’s Eve approaching, I started to worry about the fact that we still had not booked a travel yet (might have been fully booked). Then I just started to look for any available trips on different travel agencies’ websites. After a long search, I stopped at Marsa Alam, Egypt (Price wise, it had a good deal). We offered the trip to our family friends, and they decided to join us!

The most exciting part of the trip was that we booked it without doing enough research. Later, we found out that Marsa Alam was just a resort area with hotels, small city centre and beaches. No historical places to see close to our place (Luxor around 350 km, and what’s even worse – Cairo which is 700 km away). I got a bit disappointed (eating up all inclusive and lying on the beach only is not my thing at all).

We arrived in Marsa Alam on 2020/01/08 and stayed at Siva Port Ghalib Hotel. It was evening time and we ate dinner first thing upon our arrival. Next day, we began to look for interesting activities we would possibly do throughout our stay. To our surprise, we were offered a lot more to do than we had expected! I was soooo happy! I do not want to waste time writing about each of the things we did in detail, but let the photos and brief descriptions tell you everything instead! I will give the hotel review in between (in case, you book the trip via

Siva Port Ghalib is a big Arabian style hotel which has around 700 rooms (if I am not mistaken) It has a few dining places, but the main restaurant is the one near the reception. The Egyptian food they cook there is amazing! Starting from beef, chicken to flour products and delicious pastries! Wide variety of food! Yummy! Unfortunately, I forgot to take any photo of those amazing dishes! You can also eat at the lagoon once a week, but you need to book it beforehand. There’s another romantic restaurant near the theatre at extra cost if you want to spend a romantic evening with your loved ones (with some entertainment/show in the background:)

The hotel has several tennis courts and a golf area.
Maxi/mini kids club (where you can also leave your your kid older than 4 y. to the staff).
A dining corner for families with small kids:) I liked the Egyptian interior style, btw:))
In the very romantic restaurant I mentioned above:)

The room is cleaned, and towels are changed EVERY SINGLE DAY! At least that’s what they did during our stay! The staff are friendly and very helpful:)

The hotel has got several swimming pools with water slides and boats (so much fun it would have been, but the water was almost freezing). Only one pool was warmed, and it did not seem to be for small kids, so we preferred swimming in the sea, picking already broken coral particles, and playing in the sand).
Few stops to take photos was a bit annoying, but it was worth it:)
Was time to go back!
To see this wonderful creature called seacow:) But we ended up seeing other wildlife smaller than this:))
Applause to our daddy:) Good job!
BIG applause to the mommy too! She tried 5 minute diving too haha:))) This made me realise how scared I am of swimming in the sea far from the shore)) I still keep thanking the instructor for being patient with me:)

What is my general impression about Marsa Alam? Well, it was the first time in my life I said to myself ‘I will definitely come back soon!’. The only place so far that made me interested in getting to know the country better and travelling to the other cities. The Egyptians we met were kid friendly, kind and helpful. For me, the place seemed to be quite safe with its night/day walks along the shore, in the town etc. Moreover, I think it is worth mentioning that a week long holiday in Marsa Alam is enough to get much of it (unless you are planning trip to Luxor or Cairo, then a 2 week trip should be fine).

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