Visit to The Bergian Garden


          Do you want to enjoy the beauty of the nature of some tropical countries all year round without leaving Stockholm? Are you an outdoorsman? Then the Bergian garden is the right destination.

          The Bergian Garden is a botanic garden with two large planthouses, Edvard Anderson’s greenhouse and the Victoria House. The plants are from all over the world, like the Mediterranean and the tropics. The garden is situated at Brunnsviken’s beach in northern Stockholm. In addition to hundreds of trees and shrubberries, large grassy areas with flowering herbs, there are plant systematic quarters where you can see how plants are related to each other, plant geographical areas as well as lush kitchen plants, herb garden and fruit and berry garden. It’s an amazing place for knowledge and inspiration.

          We paid a visit to Edvard Anderson’s greenhouse as it’s seen first. There you stroll from the Mediterranean’s fragrant palate and lavender through South Africa’s and Southwest Australia’s flowering shrubs to Californian desert and moist rainforest. In the tropical departments there are utility plants such as coffee, tea and cocoa as well as insect-catching plants.

          I think, it’s an incredible experience to see unusual plants and learn a lot about greenery. It’s also a kid-friendly garden where many children can play, learn and get aesthetic joy.
The Bergian Garden has a spacious cafe to have some snacks if you plan to spend a whole day in the international greenhouses. Stockholm weather often makes it difficult to find a place with natural light. But the big arched windows of the cafe make the space bright which is a perfect background for your social media photos.


View from the 2nd floor:) Beautiful:)





Lemon tree:))
Carnivorous plants capture and digest insects and other animals by means of ingenious pitfalls and traps.





Australian plants section.
In order to create an environment without chemical pesticides, they use biological plant protection. The insect on the photo is millimeter-sized and can only survive on its host animals.
Zara is getting old since she started to be interested in plants a lot xoxo))

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